Outreach Plan

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2016 Gameplan:

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Continual Ministries

Grace Child Development Center

Grace established this not-for-profit child development center in late 2012, and it is growing fast! We truly see this as another arm of Grace’s outreach to Denbigh. Five days a week children are coming to be nurtured and cared for in a Christ-centered environment. Find more information, including how to enroll your child, at the Grace Child Development Center website.


Reach My Friends

Are you reaching out to a friend? We can help! We will have gift baskets and gift cards available each month. You simply fill the gift basket with items that would bless your friend.


Five Loaves Food Pantry

This ministry of compassion is based right here in Denbigh! Every week Five Loaves feeds hundreds of needy people. Thousands of pounds of food is also given away monthly. On the 4th Tuesdays of each month Grace Church teams help cook, serve and connect with the people being served. Want to get involved? We highlight it once a month in the foyer. Contact Bob Nipp at 757.871.1883 for more information.


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