Our Programs



Our two and a half year-old classes will encourage the children to explore and discover his or her world daily. This will be achieved by having activities that encourage sensory motor development, speech and language acquisition, and hands on activities that increase awareness of the child’s world.  Parents are always welcome to take part in classroom activities and share ideas with teachers who are always happy to discuss concerns or answer questions.



For age 3.5 – 5, will do just what the name suggests. This class will learn through discovery centers set up on a weekly rotating basis.  The learning centers will vary from science, language, math, housekeeping, daily life skills, and social development.

We will have an open door policy: any relative or family member listed on the GCDC contract will be able to  check up on what their child is up to, at any time during the day.

Along with teacher instruction, the child will have the opportunity to develop his or her own hands-on learning style, giving the child the chance to learn at his or her own pace, allowing them to master a skill of which they are comfortable. Children will be given the chance to work with computers, musical instruments, manipulatives such as blocks, and arts and crafts.


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