Transition for Growth

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  • 4 May, 2017
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We are rebranding as Manna Church Newport News on September 10th! We are really excited about this. We began our Transition for Growth to Manna Church with a banquet on July 9th where we looked back at our first 10 years as a church, cast some vision for rebranding as Manna, and by starting to raise money as we begin to save to buy our own building hopefully within 2 years. Feel free to give towards this goal.

Check out some pictures from our Banquet on July 9th:


Also, check out some testimonial videos we showed at the banquet:

Here are some more testimonials:


Check out Michael Fletcher’s exhortation during the banquet!!

If you’d rather just download the audio do so below:


Lastly, check out a slideshow we showed at the banquet from pictures from our first 10 years as a church:

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